XPA Exchange: A GIF Guide To Making a Trade

XPA Exchange: A GIF Guide To Making a Trade

There are a lot of things you can do on XPA Exchange: scope out what’s happening on the market, make wallets and mortgage your XPA for fiat-tethered XPA Assets. I’m here to walk you through our most basic yet most essential feature: making trades.

Making a crypto wallet on XPA Exchange.

Step one

get your wallet in. As you can see here, you can create a wallet with just one click and a password. Make sure to either choose a password you can remember or store it in a secure place: you have total control over these wallets, which means we have no idea what your password even is.

Making a trade

Step Two

croll a little bit downwards and check out your options. You can use pending orders (using limit prices, which means your trade will only be executed once the market reaches your preferred prices) and instant order (using market prices, which means that you’re buying at the prices currently set by the market.) You can also choose to buy and sell XPA or other currencies. When you’re ready, click the button on the bottom right to trade.

Export and log out of your wallet

If you have any questions, reach out to us on Twitter or Telegram. Otherwise, happy trading!

Once your transaction’s finished, it’s time for the last step. Export the keystore file and log out of your wallet, filled with the satisfaction of the trade well made.


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