Announcing: A Rebranding Towards XPA 2.0

Announcing: A Rebranding Towards XPA 2.0

XPA has become one of the top 100 cryptocurrencies in the world, and has launched its own decentralized exchange. With our team dedicated to enacting real change within the cryptocurrency community and society as a whole, we want our name to reflect that wider focus: that’s why we’re rebranding from Xplay to XPA 2.0.

XPA 2.0 will not only have a cryptocurrency token and exchange, but also an entire ecosystem of blockchain-based products, among them XPA Assets, stablecoin pegged to the fiat via asset mortgage and TideWallet and TidePay, cryptocurrency wallets for secure storage. We want to change the way crypto power users think about blockchain assets, and provide a full stable of services that give our users the most seamless experience.

XPA is looking to the future. We want to empower more and more people to enter the cryptocurrency world, to begin having authority over their own money and enjoy the privacy and security that cryptocurrency brings. We’re rebranding in order to meet the challenges of the cryptocurrency world and compete better on a global scale: we’re excited to push the envelope on innovative technology, and usher in a new era of innovation and equality for the blockchain.


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