Three Ways To Explain Cryptocurrency To People Who Just Don’t Get It

Whether you’ve been into crypto from the start or a new adopter ready to ride the wave, for a lot of us the idea of cryptocurrency is intuitive. Who wouldn’t want a new way of using money completely outside of government control? For others, though, it’s hard to wrap their hands around a different kind of money: not for lack of trying, but because we’ve used the same system for so long that change, while inevitable, can be hard to understand.

If you’re trying to make crypto make sense to someone who doesn’t get it, here are a few ways to make it click for them :

When was the last time you paid for something in cash? Sure, sometimes it’s nice to have paper money on hand, but the vast majority of transactions these days are concluded via card or the internet. Nothing physical is exchanged when you pay for Netflix online or swipe your card for a big purchase: the only reason we know money has been exchanged is lines of code changing numbers in your bank account balance.

In 2002, the European Union decided to cast aside many of their previous currencies (the Franc, the Mark) and adopt the Euro, a new currency for all of Europe to use. Money is not immutable: it changes and evolves to fit the circumstances of the time. We used to use shells and beads to trade for goods and services, and now we have Venmo.

Cryptocurrency isn’t some new, weird aberration. It’s the natural evolution of the institution of money itself in the digital age. Just like the EU adopted the Euro to adapt to changing political reality, the whole world is adopting cryptocurrency to adapt to our modern reality of decentralization and globalization.

For some people, the sticking point for adopting cryptocurrency is its lack of government control. They say we’re just making things up, but what they really don’t understand is that even the fiat money we use only has value because we say it does. Think about countries like Panama that use the US dollar along with their own currency, or company loyalty points that can be exchanged for their products only.All we need to form a currency is enough people willing to consider it as such, and with the global consensus of the blockchain, we have more than enough people and nodes for cryptocurrency to rule the world.

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