Forging A New Media Future

SUN TV is committed to being the first media brand of its kind, fully committed to the blockchain.

Founded by chairman Chen Ping, SUN TV will bring its award-winning independent editorial voice to blockchain media in general, making a mark with its coverage of the technology of the future.

“The blockchain is a truly revolutionary technology,” says Chairman Chen Ping, “It has an astonishing amount of potential to promote equality and democratize the future, and we want to be on the forefront of that change.”

With cutting-edge AI and blockchain technology, SUN TV will provide coverage twenty-four hours a day. It already has a substantial amount of infrastructure for broadcast, including 3s satellites that can broadcast all throughout Asia.

Though its coverage focuses on the Sinosphere, SUN TV has always had a global perspective, and has reached over one billion viewers all around the world. With this new rebranding, SUN TV is bringing knowledge and analysis of the blockchain to those who might otherwise never have had access to high-level information about this new emerging technology.

SUN TV will bring viewers the latest cryptocurrency prices, analyze market trends, explain new technological ideas and bring in experts to help inform their audience. Its parent company, the TIDEiSun group, has been investing heavily in industry research for the past several years: SUN TV is only one of its many efforts to bring the world into a new dawn of the blockchain era.

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