iSunMedia: The First AI Blockchain Media Station

The Hong Kong-based TIDEiSun Group launched its blockchain media station, iSunMedia, in January 2018. SUN TV is a a 24-hour Chinese language satellite channel broadcast throughout Asia 3S (105.5 degrees East) with C-band satellites. The first to implement blockchain technology in the media, Sun TV has the strength and technical base to succeed.

“The TIDEiSun group is committed to using SUN TV to usher the world into the blockchain era, becoming the voice and vision of a new age of decentralization and equality,” said founder Chen Ping. Sun TV will create a 24-hour full-range broadcast to provide firsthand blockchain industry information. The channel broadcasts globally, across all borders, giving over one billion people access to Sun TV programs.

SUNTV is an open and independent platform, giving a voice to both scholarly discourse and ordinary citizens. Its previous incarnation, devoted to documentary and cultural programs, provided an independent perspective on Asian affairs, receiving multiple awards for its critical lens and commitment to the global perspective. They will bring this journalistic lens to document and interrogate the blockchain age.

Broadcasting from the Sinosphere, SUNTV is a multilingual production that can be watched free via satellite TV or online. It currently offers live and on-demand programming, combined with the latest interactive, advertising and community media technologies.

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