Why We’re Launching A Decentralized Exchange

XPA’s had a great first few months. We started as an entertainment platform and rose to one of the top hundred cryptocurrencies in the world. We built up our technology and our community, refusing to stop innovating and improving on what we had, and then we realized that we could do more.

That’s why, in addition to our existing entertainment platform and cryptocurrency, we’re launching a decentralized exchange: XPA Exchange. We realized that we had the capacity to build a system faster and safer than any other, unlocking the decentralized exchange’s full potential for transparency and autonomy.

Every single transaction on XPA Exchange is powered by smart contracts and conducted completely on the blockchain. No more worrying about hacks, security risks or mysteriously missing money: XPA Exchange’s smart contracts have ensured that any trades are truly decentralized, transferring coins from eWallet to eWallet right on the blockchain so you can double-check at any time.

We’ve also streamlined the trading process. All you need is an eWallet to get going, with no accounts, no authentication and no security deposits. Import your wallets in an instant, and all completed transactions will be transferred directly to them, with no need to reveal your private keys.

Since we launched our first round ICO, we’ve done well, growing our token and improving our core technologies. Now, we’re setting our sights on bigger and better things. We believe in the power of transparency on the blockchain, and we believe in the power of decentralization to change the world. With XPA Exchange, we’re refusing to be satisfied with the successes we’ve already had, and dedicating ourselves to unlocking our technology’s full potential.

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