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When the title is out, it is offensive. What is the blockchain public chain thinking? When Bitcoin succeeded, Ethereum’s improvement of Bitcoin was also successful. According to this idea, can Ethereum be improved to become the foundation of a new generation? This is the blockchain thinking of the blockchain. I have read more than 100 white papers, can’t wait for everyone to become a public chain? Innovation is rare and mostly at the application level. I am also an imitation of one person, but I don’t understand the essence of the station. Ethereum is a major innovation. The whole system design of the imitation is large and complete, but there is no real innovation.The blockchain public chain thinking is the effect of Dong Shi! Why do you write a white paper into a business? Because the project is too similar, there is nothing really called an innovative invention. The development of a chain of bee-chains will return to loneliness, and only true innovation can be agreed.

A major invention in history

Blockchain Up to now, the author believes that only five items can be called inventions. They are: consensus mechanisms, smart contracts, bitcoin and production mechanisms, point-to-point value transfer, and machine auditing.

The 3.5 items here (consensus mechanism, peer-to-peer value transmission, half of the bitcoin generation mechanism and smart contract) were created by Satoshi Nakamoto: Bitcoin generation mechanism and point-to-point value transmission, all of which exist technically, but utilize technology The result of the combination is that human history has not been invented. In the white paper of Nakamoto, there is a prototype of a smart contract. Vitalik developed his wisdom contract idea, and saw the incompleteness of Bitcoin and the incomplete application. If Nakamoto is still there, Vitalik does not have this opportunity, and history has eclipsed this young man. Ripple is also very good in the same period, but it is not the basic public chain, because the wisdom contract of Ethereum is a standard generator. For example, using the ERC20 standard, a general computer programmer can write out through the less than one month of Solidity learning. Smart contract for “coin”. The currency was issued and it was on fire.

Ethereum encountered speed problems in the process of expanding its application. In fact, Ethereum has already produced a coin for 14 seconds, and it should have done its utmost without destroying Bitcoin. People have tried to improve the vision of Ethereum, and they all encounter the impossible triangle. That is: speed, security, and decentralization consensus, any change in one parameter is the performance of sacrificing the other two parameters. For example, EOS sacrifices global consensus for speed, becoming a “linkage chain” of 21 nodes, rather than a public-level chain with a global consensus.

The logic behind Bitcoin is the trust machine, or machine credit, behind which is mathematics and cryptography, allowing the machine to judge and remove human interference. The wisdom contract of Ethereum is also adhering to this idea. Once the contract is written, people can’t interfere. This is a machine contract. The same is true for machine audits. The machines are audited, and the results are stored in the public chain Ethereum. The speed problem is solved offline, and the “impossible triangle” is not destroyed. There are three inventions that are basic inventions, machine credits, machine contracts, and machine audits, so that future related inventions will follow the “machine” approach. Machine auditing is a second layer of technology, not a public chain. As two other inventions of bitcoin and production mechanism, point-to-point value transmission belongs to technological inventions, and the changes brought about are not small. The use of coins has great economic influence. For a discussion of the application of the relevant currency, see the article “The correct positioning for releasing tokens” and “Learn asset-backed tokens, application-specific tokens, platform tokens and scam tokens in one minute!” in the TIDEiSun Publicition.

The actual competition of the public chain has come to an end in the emergence of the Ethereum. The main function of the public chain is to maintain global consensus and smart contracts. To become a public chain, there is no chance, but a subversive innovation for the shortcomings of Ethereum and Bitcoin. I saw Vitilik’s speech in the past two days, saying that he would use shards and POS. He fainted, maybe it was too stressful. When the person in front makes a mistake, the person who has the opportunity has a chance. In general, it is difficult for predecessors to make mistakes and subversion. I want to do the public chain again and measure my own weight. Because the mountain has already stood a monkey. Our article “The global consensus is only 365 US dollars” shows that the current cost of developing the public chain is not enough. The public chain should become a plug-in for the application system.

What is the direction of the next blockchain development?

Many articles in front of me, such as “It’s time to stop paying with public “toy” chains”, have discussed the reasons why public chain development is not feasible. Interested readers can refer to the public number of Ted Sunshine, and will not repeat them. Here continues The original article to discuss the next step in the development of the blockchain.

First, if you want to become a public chain, you should work hard to improve the global consensus algorithm and replace the imperfect algorithms. The main research direction is to reduce costs and avoid concentration. In terms of anti-concentration, Ethereum is obviously better. As Nakamoto is not there, it is difficult to improve Bitcoin. The algorithm improvement of Ethereum can still be carried out. If Vitilik is a businessman, you should work with a good consensus algorithm to ensure your lead. Some projects have been seen in this area. Some of the improvements are too small. Some algorithms have inherent defects and are not very mature and not good enough. The value of a good algorithm is to replace the current consensus algorithm. In fact, the purpose of developing a public chain is so simple and simple.

Second, the expansion and improvement of smart contracts can be carried out in both directions. One is that Ethereum itself strengthens its smart contracts, and the other is the second-tier smart contract expansion. The improvement of the wisdom contract of Ethereum is actually very difficult, and it may be caused by the improvement of existing applications. Therefore, the expansion of the smart contract at the second level is a blockchain development direction.

Third, the development of the second layer of technology and tools, the value of the public chain is actually reflected in the two aspects of this global consensus and smart contracts, we should separate these two parts of the work when we develop the application chain. Through the second layer of technology, the information to be saved is on the public chain. The second layer of technology that Vitalik supports is fragmented and Plasma channel technology used to solve speed problems, but it does not solve the problem of data reliability.At present, the more mature second-layer technology, TIDEiSun’s Proprietary blockchain scaling solution from TideTime Technologies (headshot) accelerator, can be used as a plug-in, connecting the public chain and applications. It sends the calculated hash value to the Ethereum.In the case of a reconciliation book, the ledger is credible as long as the hash value is unchanged. This technique subtly utilizes the uniqueness of the hash algorithm hash value to achieve machine-level audit reliability. Also called “machine audit.”It currently has three plugins, a book accelerator, a transaction accelerator and a smart contract extender. Accelerators mainly use the offline method to solve the speed problem of Ethernet and the expansion of smart contracts. Changed the idea to solve the impossible triangle problem. Interested readers can visit https://bolt.infinitechain.io. The image below shows the effect that bolt can produce. For machine auditing, see TIDEiSun’s article “The road of the Blockchain revolution, from Bitcoin accounting, to BOLT “headshot” machine”.

The emergence of Proprietary blockchain scaling solution from TideTime Technologies made development simple. Traditional software, if there is a need for fidelity, can go to the public chain through the ledger accelerator. If you need a point-to-point fast transaction, you can use the transaction accelerator. These are already examples of applications. It’s cheap to use Bolt. If you have a book on the last time, it will be a few hundred dollars a year. About the smart contract extender is still under development. The emergence of Bolt has changed the pattern of blockchain development. The second layer of tool technology will make the application development of blockchain easy. The modular tools are embedded in traditional software, which greatly reduces the learning cost of traditional software engineers. When designing a blockchain application project, we should use the industrial assembly method from the beginning to the end without the old farmers to plant the land, which is efficient, reliable and low cost. As a result, blockchain development has become a development of traditional software, and the application of blockchain has a bright future.

Why do you crowd in the public chain, because if you can make money as a module? Because the code is open source, you can’t get money without doing the public chain. Early in the open source, the development of large-area applications is a major mistake that hinders development, greatly reducing the value of intellectual property rights, and the idea of ​​returning to software development is imperative. Words must be called the public chain, words must be called the currency, words must be called the community to replace the company, are full of nonsense, making the blockchain into a dead end, it should wake up.

Proprietary blockchain scaling solution from TideTime Technologies application example

The emergence of Proprietary blockchain scaling solution from TideTime Technologies has changed the idea of ​​blockchain application development. When you need to increase the available Bolt, when you need to speed up the available Bolt, users can develop smart contracts for their own business, and combine their own software to form a blockchain software. So that the centralization becomes decentralized, the information cannot be tampered with, and privacy can be protected. The development of the blockchain development environment is fast, and the changes in thinking must be fast.

Proprietary blockchain scaling solution from TideTime Technologies already has applications in the field of games and points, and readers can read the article “The transformation of traditional games is coming!”. Here are two new examples, one that is coming soon, and one that is being developed.。

Look at the advertising penny. Such projects have also been proposed, but it has been difficult to land. The use of Proprietary blockchain scaling solution from TideTime Technologies solves the problem of charging by time, so that the effect of advertising can be reflected. At the same time, after the user finishes the advertisement, the money is automatically distributed to your account. The attention of the eyes finally brings us benefits. The settlement system here uses Bolt’s transaction accelerator, which is available in seconds. This is an example of a combination of centralization and decentralization. In Taiwan, the big screen in the central square of Taiwan is Guo Taiming, and has signed a contract. This is a project that reflects the blockchain fairness. Users are not only contributors, but also profit-seekers. No blockchain can’t achieve “trustworthy profit”. This credible distribution has broad application prospects.

Gambling software 21 points. Gambling is the jewel in the crown of the blockchain, and it is the big application of the blockchain since the first day of Bitcoin. But there has been no breakthrough. Traditional online 21-point software is a lot, but lacks trust, and the blockchain has trust, but it can’t solve the speed problem. There is no practical application example. It is now being developed on the basis of traditional Internet software to increase the trust of traditional gambling software.

The current blockchain public chain is actually developing a variety of different tools plus their own public chain. It is impossible for everyone to become a public chain. To accept decentralization, it is necessary to accept the grass and do a public If the chain dies, it is better to step back and become a grass. Even the chance to do the grass is gone.

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