XPA value skyrocketing: Ranked among top 100 globally! A digital asset based on economics

At the end of 2017, XPA was a cryptocurrency asset based on online media application scenarios. The market value rose from the equivalent of US$0.1 billion in four months to the equivalent of US$320 million.

At the end of 2017, XPA was a cryptocurrency asset based on online media application scenarios. The market value rose from the equivalent of US$0.1 billion in four months to the equivalent of US$320 million, ranking the top 100 in the world. At the same time, the world economy is still facing social problems such as excessive currency, rising monopoly, economic crisis, worsening gap between the rich and the poor, and chaos in the blockchain digital currency investment speculation.

Facing the biggest opportunity and challenge of the blockchain era, the XPA team based on a deep understanding of economics, through continuous creative research and development, in February 2018, XPA greatly enriched the development of application areas, upgraded to a combined decentralized transaction , asset collateral, and a new blockchain asset service ecosystem that connects external funding channels, neXt Personal Assets, the next generation of personal asset platform, aims to build a series of smart, stable storage values ​​for all users, and dynamically reflect the macro economy , a tool that can be circulated and paid, can counter currency overshoot, and preserve and increase the value of assets.

XPA blockchain asset service ecosystem mainly includes: XPA, XPA mortgage asset series with French currency anchor ratio, and decentralized trading mechanism. It is also the first in the world to rely on a financial economy theory to rely on a blockchain of smart contracts to achieve a stable, tradable payment of cryptocurrency assets. XPA attempted to realize the decentralization of Nakamoto’s invention of Bitcoin, the need for financial institutions, and the establishment of a free trading system, to restore the essence of the decentralized social value of the blockchain.

Based on the user’s deep demand, the XPA team designed a series of XPA Assets mortgage assets that are relatively anchored with French currency, including but not limited to XPAUSD, XPAJPY, XPACNY, etc., which can hedge against currency depreciation and price fluctuations and balance market risk. Investors can convert trading into legal currency at any time, or directly invest in other blockchain assets, not only allowing cryptocurrency to reflect the needs of human transformation and development, but also to stabilize the stored value, become a hedging tool for currency depreciation, and also because of value It is stable and can be used in the circulation of daily life.

This is an innovative design of economics and technological innovation. Through the smart contract, institutionalization realizes the possibility of Nakamoto’s free and equal trading of cryptocurrency. The growth rate of cryptocurrency is astounding, and the investment risk is too high. The market urgently needs to have better hedging instruments that are equivalent to the legal currency and hedge the value of stable assets.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies that anchor legal currency, XPA and XPA Assets are based on the blockchain trust consensus mechanism, which is automatically executed by smart contracts. Smart contracts automatically generate a certain percentage of XPA Assets according to the number of mortgages in XPA or major cryptocurrency. . Generated by the asset holder to initiate the contract, the quantity is publicly available and not tamperable on the blockchain, and is based entirely on the trust mechanism of the global consensus of the blockchain.

Based on XPA, XPA Assets can access existing traditional financial services functions such as wealth management, transactions, payments, transfers, etc. The flexibility of this world of traditional assets and blockchain assets is through the XPA ecosystem. The services are implemented, including XPA.Exchange decentralized trading mechanism, TideBit centralized trading platform, asset management and direct payment, two e-wallets TideWallet and TidePay, synthesizing the next generation of new blockchain asset management service system.

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