Literacy stickers: How to build a super node to meet the next wave of opportunities?

Through the author’s text, many principles seem to be simple, but in a longer period of time, the innovation of Internet thinking is often in the most basic areas, and the gap between companies is often amplified.Of course, things are gathered together, and people are the eternal theme of the community. Realizing the users, nodes, relationships, and circles, you can walk in the next Internet era!

It is a pity that in today’s impetuous society, people who can calm down and analyze it carefully do not read this article. The feeling of Mao Sedun is as Liu Qiangdong said: Seeing the path that others have gone through does not stop you from falling, but you can wake you up in time when you are falling.

Evolution of information transmission
There are three main types of messaging terminals: TV, computer (tablet) and mobile phones, as the main conduit for people to get information. In addition, newspaper conversations and meetings have little to do with this article.
TV: Play

Features: Wide coverage, fixed transmission costs, content is determined by the broadcaster, and people’s choice is passive viewing. Only the choice to see and not to see. Compared with newspapers, TV has broken through geographical restrictions. In order to adapt to more users, she has become a news report. Compared with newspapers, it reflects the news faster than newspapers. Local TV stations and local newspapers are directly competing, but the appearance of TV stations has little effect on newspapers because television is instantaneous, and newspapers can be determined by the user. The number of TV stations is always limited because the cost of a TV station is too high

Computer: on-demand
Features: People are free to find information, a large number of websites and newspaper videos together constitute a huge amount of information. Because of the sheer volume of information, people use two habits to get information, specific websites and searches. So search has become the main conduit for getting information, especially new information. Here is a navigation website that derives information classification. What he does is a classified search. Secondary filtering of information sources. This business model is extremely simple, but it gives us a good inspiration, massive information, and people have the need to be guided. The on-demand of computers makes it possible to see what is going to be decided by people themselves, and in theory to compete with television and newspapers. However, the website is limited by the power of editing and editing, and it cannot compete with TV and newspapers in terms of the immediacy of news and the breadth of content. Moreover, it has become a habit to watch TV as leisure by people who have developed TV for many years. The TV set concentrates on dozens of hundreds of channels and is a large information distribution center, exceeding the information capacity of any website. It is a pity that the TV and the viewers are showing other programs that are being broadcast. Because the various channels of the TV station constitute a competitive relationship, the host will come forward to promote other channels, which may damage the interests of the channel being broadcast. So there is only a small amount of news.

The on-demand of computers lacks immediacy and does not constitute direct competition for TV stations. However, the competition for newspapers is very obvious. Since the website is wide-area, his layout is limited. It can only use general universal information, some small. Local news is generally not used. Newspapers were squeezed into local news, professional news and websites that were banned. Compared with TV, the screen is too small, it is still inconvenient to watch video programs, and the computer cannot replace the characteristics of TV leisure. After the advent of the computer, there were quite a few contrasts between the computer and the TV to describe the difference between the living room and the study room, leaning forward and leaning back, office and leisure, tools and entertainment. Passive acceptance and active search. At this point, the use of each other is distinct.

Smartphone: Push

Smart phones have reached the era of Apple, and basically have the ability of computers, except for the screen is not too big. Despite this, the convenience of the mobile phone has led to different ways of transmitting information. In addition to on-demand, there is also a push, as well as social-based information forwarding, also known as indirect push. The difference is that only push hints, small red dots and digits can be generated. Direct push means pushing to the first screen. Pushing is suitable for people’s inertia, rice to open a mouthpiece to reach out, once become a habit, people will lose the ability to find information. But reality is reality, accurate push, more people’s inertia, computer and TV boot time and boot rate have dropped.The contradiction between the small screen of the mobile phone and the viewing makes the big-screen mobile phone sell well, and every time the mobile phone is replaced, the computer and the TV are hit. Accurate push makes people lazy. The success of today’s headlines lies in the precision of push. His precise video push has a huge impact on TV and professional websites. The short video is an excerpt from the wonderful program. I like to watch the Sun TV interview program. You read one, and one after the other, watching it.At a fast pace, things are getting shorter and time fragmentation is being used. Mobile phones are an effective tool for exploiting fragmentation time. And each mobile phone is an information source, so that the amount of information released exceeds the maximum acceptance of people, and the amount of information from mass to flood, making selection information inevitable, accurate push becomes inevitable。

What role did the user eventually evolve into?
TV is not knowing where the customer is, although there are ratings surveys, but it is basically blind. The computer can know the user, but there is no contact, or the contact is inconvenient. When you get to your phone, you can contact them anytime, anywhere. The TV can only interact with the user via the phone, the computer can interact, and the phone interacts anytime, anywhere. The Internet has gone through two generations, the PC Internet, with search as a portal, and users as end users. Mobile Internet, with the user as the core and push as the means, the user is no longer the terminal, but the node, the PC Internet, the tool network, and the PC as the terminal-to-source distribution tool.The mobile Internet is called a link network, or a relationship network. The network is infinite. The past terminal users become nodes, which have both terminal functions and connection functions. This is the future of the network.

Use information and create information, and you can give back. Therefore, the user may become a source of information on the platform, the role can be changed, and it can be seen in an instant. At present, today’s headline programs still use the user as a terminal. We should know the amount of reading in an instant and be placed on top. As the WeChat public number can know the amount of reading, WeChat can also know what article forwarding volume is large, and the secondary development of forwarding large information, equivalent to article navigation, similar to Xu Xiaodong’s hot focus, should be the direction of article navigation. People’s copying thinking is affecting innovation, and the emergence of precision push is also a continuation of the tool network. This is a deferred innovation, the mobile phone appears, and the live broadcast is fired, because the theory that the terminal becomes a node is met.

There are too many things to be connected to the Internet of Things. Anything involving hardware is difficult to popularize. It is difficult to upgrade hardware. The most promising breakthrough is to open up TVs, computers and mobile phones with users as the core. They all perform their duties. How to get through, how to give full play to their respective advantages, let us start from the status quo analysis.

Innovation begins with imitation, and the PC website starts with imitation of newspapers. The mobile phone also starts with imitating PCs. The decline of television has prompted them to add a client, and a mobile app, which is useful and effective, but all things exist independently, and there is nothing to match. For example, I often meet on the TV and say that if you want to view this program, please pay attention to the user’s side and so on, but the user does not need to find the content. It should be that the QR code is always in the program, and the user can scan the code and use the mobile phone to enter the program so that the two are organically combined. This is the concept of the object.

In fact, the essence of TV is widely advertised. TV stations often advertise their own programs, sometimes they want to see them, but he is a program preview, and people forget to watch them at the time. The program advertisement should use the scan code to let the mobile phone automatically remind you of it. Pushing on, TV programs can be shortened, detailed content or the next episode, using mobile phone scan code to decide whether to watch, each person can watch different programs on TV at the same time, to some extent, the TV station only advertises for on-demand. The program of the TV station is released, and the user has entered the on-demand state. All these users simply don’t know. This is an organic connection scene called the Internet of Things. TV stations use massive release for on-demand navigation. “Good 123” in the era of the material. Good 123 is for website navigation, while TV stations are for content navigation. The interest is stimulated in the mobile phone, and the initiative of the point is on the mobile phone. Once clicked in, the relevant content push is made possible.

User participation
This feature is the key to distinguishing between nodes and terminals. Participation is a step-by-step problem, and the simplest part is called interaction. This is the case with the red envelopes of TV Spring Festival Evening. The other is the curtain, which always feels a bit messy. Taobao is a product of the PC era. He divides users into buyers and buyers. His participation is expressed in the concept of platform. We see some games, and they are very avant-garde in user participation. One can lead a group of people and another group. , enjoyable. And some of them know。

The live broadcast of the video, because of the onlookers, know each other, and it is also a common interest. Therefore, TV participates in social interaction and strengthens the establishment of effective connections between nodes. The TV is recorded, and while the user is watching, the host may already be able to interact with the user on the mobile platform. This is the equivalent of advertising on TV, and the discovery of interested users among a large number of users. The host can interact with the audience to bring his choices to the TV. The curtains lack processing, and they can be used for fireworks, but they cannot be put.

Become a super node
Then, the focus is coming! The node of course has the characteristics of the end user, but it is not enough. The nodes are in the fishing net and have the same basic characteristics. It can be said to be flat. The earth is a flat book that reinforces this concept. Corresponding to the pyramid structure, this concept is a breakthrough in the industrial age. This statement is true no matter who is equal as a user. At that time, the Internet was still the Internet of tools, mainly PC. But when it comes to the mobile Internet, links and connections, social tools, leading to the creation of circles, resulting in interconnections and node generation, nodes are not only users, but also use connections.

As the energy levels of the nodes are different, the energy level of opinion leaders and net red is high. What does the energy level play? connection. A node does not have a connection, and the high-level is an invalid node. From a connection point of view, the network is not flat, multidimensional, and variable in size. Because of the addition of a node, the network may change. What is the energy level reflected in? The node level is reflected in the number of connectable relationships and the height of the connection. The more high-energy nodes that can be connected, the higher the efficiency. A node is not just a person, it is an organization, and the direct connection that constitutes an organization is called integration. Therefore, integration is a connection capability.

A relationship is established between the two nodes. In the Internet age, relationships are the primary productive forces, and relationships are divided into strong and weak relationships and unfamiliar relationships. The relationship is the connection. From the perspective of the network, the size of the network determines the value. Why is To C worthwhile because his network may be as big as the world. To B is not easy, but the relationship is to be stable. Understanding does not mean having a relationship, it just means that a connection can be established. There is a saying about strong relationship, called a piece of anti-gun, divided into a bed, this relationship has passed the running-in stage. A partnership may be established. Relationships and nodes have not been thoroughly studied and classified. But being good at building relationships is undoubtedly an ability. How to find a common language with a strange relationship, how to impress a strange relationship, how to vote for it, in other words, to impress users。

The era of eyeball economy
The explosion of information determines that only a burst point can attract people’s attention, and attention is the first step in building a relationship. Instant attention can be paid, how can people continue to pay attention? The tools for establishing contact cannot be lost. How to not lose, rely on pushing. Xu Xiaodong and PIPi Sauce are just like meteors and cannot keep in touch with customers. Many subscription numbers are basically dead because there is no new text push. Occasionally, most of them don’t look at it. Our time is limited, only the explosion point will pay attention. Guo Wengui’s Twitter post has not been pushed, but it’s just an invalid concern, and it’s impossible to establish contact with customers. After this incident, the contact is gone. Twitter also looks at Trump, from the model, Twitter or the idea of ​​the PC era. If Twitter is opened in the headlines today, personal information and public information will surely meet.

Thinking about the internet circle
There are two ways for node networking, vertical and horizontal. In the PC Internet, it is a vertical path, and there is a term called end-to-end. The mobile Internet has a concept of a circle. This can be imagined as a level connection. With a level connection, it becomes a real network. The evolution of concepts is the supply chain, the industrial chain, the ecological chain, the ecological circle, and the ecosystem. And to the Internet of Things, called the Internet of Everything。

The ecosystem is Ma Yun’s sentiment. This sentiment comes from practice and should be said to embody the concept of multidimensional network. The high-rise buildings are on the ground, and the outline is eye-catching. First of all, there must be a business to be bigger and stronger. This is the outline. With the outline, in addition to vertical development, the wool is produced on the pig. This is the level development. This is called the weaving net.

What are the characteristics of the circle? No further research has been done. In the past, in the industrial era, emphasis was placed on monopoly and against pluralism. this is correct. Because it is not a net. But when it comes to the Internet, the concept has changed, and more business supports each other, supported by the circle. It was originally an isolated point, and due to the support of the circle, the dead became alive. The circle is an inevitable outcome of competition. For example, Zhou Yongkang, if he has no circle, can he go up? Circle culture, emphasize layout, and bring important resources into their own circles. Ma Huateng’s layout of Jingdong, Ma Huateng Ma Yun’s layout of Didi and Mobai is the occupation of strategic position. Circles are weaving nets. We fill in the nets, not everything we do ourselves, but we use our strengths to integrate resources. After the two points are connected, new value is generated, and everyone is dividing the future value. Divide benefits based on contributions to future value. The circle emphasizes finding mature and valuable nodes and using the web-based approach instead of subordinate ways to build relationships.

WeChat has successfully established a platform for the circle. These people are not charged, but the promotion projects in the wallet are related to money. There are currently 16 items in total. The person-node he tied in has been promoted by him and has produced new value. As a mobile phone, the conversion is just a few keys, and the things he is tied to are just needed, eat, drink, and pay. Only one Jingdong is a mall that can be used for shopping.The nodes of the circle contribute to the entire ecology. If you have a place in the ecology, profitability is multifaceted.

There is a food, drink, and play on WeChat. He integrates public comments and group purchases. The price in Hong Kong is also good, but there is no push, unless you go up and watch. The current primary state is no longer competitive. If there is a restaurant video, if there is live broadcast, it should be more interesting.

The circle tells us that in the Internet, people = nodes are the core. If you can open up TV stations, PCs and mobile phones organically, the circle may be more consolidated. We have established that the ecology is established by Internet companies. Huawei, Xiaomi, and China Mobile have all become the foundation of the platform. There is a subordinate concept in the circle that is a community, a circle does not necessarily have a community, and the concept of a community is smaller.

How to get to know the community again

The community is also a kind of circle, called the circle of common interests. The community is also called the community. It is the theme of the community to gather people together. I have written some articles before, and if I am interested, please pay attention to the public number search, and I will not talk about the history of the community. The community has not developed in the era of Baidu Post Bar. Reasons for ease of use and subject matter are not clear. There is no guidance at all. Weibo is different from the post, and there is a big V. With the guidance, there is a sheep, and the flock has it. China’s Weibo and WeChat are better than Twitter and Facebook, why? Americans focus on verticality and ignore horizontal. They have entered the misunderstanding of theory and have not yet come out in the concept of the industrial age. Sina Weibo is not an order of magnitude better than Twitter, but Facebook is better than WeChat in terms of verticality, but in terms of horizontal, even if Facebook has it, it will not do business at all. In the horizontal aspect, we will cooperate with WeChat to learn Sina Weibo in the breadth of vertical content. WeChat is restricted too much, such as no live broadcast, too much attention to the circle, can not be like the Weibo public can enter. The public number is broadcast and there is no communication. The live broadcast of Sina Weibo, based on the click-through rate, is really cruel.

Reflecting on our TIDEiSun, the strengths are in the media news, and the news of the self-media is a good place to shine. There is no news feature in the self-media that occupies half of the country because they are not media thinking. We can’t take someone else’s, and we can always do it. The value of the first screen is very high. On the first screen, we are divided into high. The future Internet products should be the combination of Weibo and WeChat. The old beauty is different connotation, different products, this classification is also good, but it must be logged in, and the operation is troublesome. Tencent has done the best in expanding the application of third-party manufacturers. Sina and Facebook are both kindergarten standards. Our products are similar in characteristics to Sina Weibo, and have not used Sina Weibo for more than a year. From the inner logic of the product, WeChat is better than Sina Weibo. But a group of 500 people became a fatal injury to the community. However, the operational rules established by WeChat and Weibo must be borrowed. There is a section in the TV station called Live Streaming Recommendation, which is recommended by Big V. This is not possible with Sina and WeChat and Facebook. We use the TV station to navigate the numerous channels in the phone, so our TV station is also called the navigation platform.

Finally, under the emphasis, if you want to enter the carnival feast brought by the new technology and get a piece of cake, the posture should be like this:
1. It is especially important to maintain a high level of learning and to build your own node thinking (to create a personal super IP).
2. Learn as much as possible about the technical concepts of artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, and the Internet of Things, the logic of operation, and try to understand it with the simplest logic and metaphor.
3. If you have limited time, give this professional thing to a professional young person.

In the next five years, I believe that we will see direct moves from new technologies and traditional industries, and this is a different level of competition. It has become an inevitable trend for traditional industries to be subverted by new technologies.

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