The road of the Blockchain revolution, from Bitcoin accounting, to BOLT “headshot” machine

Humans have taken two steps, from machine accounting for bitcoin to machine auditing for “head shot,” essentially lowering the cost of society credit .

Japanese craftsmen spirit is betting they bargain, in Tokyo on August 6, otemachi Spaces, there are more than one hundred company to participate in a game named “head” of the chain of accelerator technology conference, pomp, because this is the world’s first large-scale ground block chain applications, block the beginning of the chain to fall to the ground.”The application of technology in games is a worthy application of blockchain on the ground.”” head shot” is a newly developed and successful blockchain technology developed by a Chinese company named ted sunshine. It has quickly found a landing application in the Japanese gaming industry, which really lives up to the 2018 blockchain landing year.

The landing app is related to a Japanese game company’s equine blockchain game, which failed after the cryptocurrency cat was created by the game company. The horse owner was crazy, and his team found the public chain accelerator bolt on Github, which can solve all its problems. Book acceleration, smart contract acceleration, payment acceleration, and most importantly, savings. The Japanese were kind and generous, and the technical fees surprised me because they thought “head shot” was worth the money.

Don’t be evil, be systematic

The biggest thing about blockchain in 2018 is the launch of EOS. A bunch of kids can go online, basically on schedule and at the level of second-rate software hands. It’s worth fighting for their spirit. But their understanding of society is not. The introduction of 21 supernodes was a big failure. Can you guarantee against evil? In the end, the separation of powers comes out. In fact, the separation of powers is only a better system than totalitarianism, which is not perfect. If you’re just a community, you have a finite number of people, you have a finite number of interests, you know, like bitcoin, you’re just scraping by, you’re a public chain, and if the world is controlled by 21 presidents, it’s not that great. If do not improve the curse they fail a bit miserably, do not reach their ideal is certain.

People can do no evil, that is the institutional constraints. Human institutions are morally risky. If the system is controlled in real time by the machine, the person is caged.” The inventor of “head shot” is a Chinese. Because the Chinese pay attention to form, swarm. It’s central to the idea that it USES proxies. EOS, isn’t it?” “Head shots” solves the problem of agents not being able to do evil by means of machine audits, or if you’re going to do evil from the start, it’s too hard.

Centralization or decentralization is not the essence of bitcoin. The essence is to use machine accounting, and behind it is cryptography and mathematical algorithms to guarantee its credibility. EOS is not. His logic has to trust 21 nodes, and those 21 nodes are controlled by people. Who can guarantee that 21 people will not be evil? There is no mathematical algorithm guaranteed in the belief in people or mathematics how do you choose? You can’t guarantee it with mathematical algorithms, can you guarantee it?” Headshot is also used as an agent, but because of the audit, the logic behind it also uses cryptography and mathematical algorithms to guarantee its credibility, which, in line with the logic of bits, allows mathematics to dominate. Cold as the Numbers are, they are more believable than emotion or morality. Bitcoin machine credit, which has a marginal cost of almost zero. And the same is true of head shots.


2. Payment acceleration machine audit

Humans have taken two steps, from machine accounting for bitcoin to machine auditing for “head shot,” essentially lowering the cost of credit to society. Bookkeeping costs, more than $30 billion in bitcoin, and billions of dollars in ether and EOS, and social resources can’t be wasted if the public chain does it all. The “head shot” agent sends the audit value to taifang, if 24 times a day is less than 24 dollars, 8,760 dollars a year. 8000 dollars fidelity, not expensive! So the owner of the horse is willing to pay the technical fee of “head shot”.

The wisdom contract of Ethernet is too simple, too complicated. More complex smart contracts can be written through “head shot” without affecting the speed of Ethernet, which accelerates the smart contracts. Similarly, it is too slow and difficult to apply in practice, and payment acceleration can be achieved through “head blasting”. With the machine audit, “headshot” as a plug-in can make the physical enterprise data fidelity. IPFS is linked to the file index, and the actual data is still in the agent’s hands.

3.“head shot” will become the cornerstone of blockchain

Vitalik is at his wit’s end, and the fragmentation he’s pushing undermines the unity of the system, and the passage is problematic. He knows about headshot. Why not? Wang lun, white coat, the green mountains can not be covered by the east stream after all, I am sure of his contribution, but no one can eat all, nor can “head shot”. But it is the most important cornerstone of blockchain development after ethereum, not the EOS.

The world has gone to bitcoin ether, and the cost has been spent, so it seems more likely to fall down the path of machine rigidity, using their resources. Good things always shine, and a “headshot” will become another cornerstone of blockchain after ethereum, as it reveals machine audits.

Now, as you probably already know, the speed of the head explosion is just a byproduct of this technology, and the mathematical algorithmic logic of the head explosion is using cryptography to do accounting auditing, and no one’s ever done it with machines, and that’s what’s more valuable about the head explosion.

Machine auditing is so important that if the public chain does not have the machine credit level, it should be introduced to machine auditing. Otherwise, it is incomplete in cryptography and mathematical algorithm, which is not credible. In the case of EOS, he should introduce “headshot” to audit the data of 21 nodes. Who can act as a common chain? It is possible to satisfy machine — level credit.

For public projects, it is more credible to have a headshot audit.

4. Powerful auditing and acceleration under machine credit

In order to solve the processing speed problem of public chain transactions, the following methods are adopted:

There are “private chain” and alliance chain outside the public chain. Their approach is to limit the number of nodes, while the common chain is not. Less nodes are also vulnerable to 51 percent attacks and DDOS attacks (an attack that causes congestion on the web). None of this chain can reach a global consensus.

2. Using POS, DPOS, BFT and other algorithms, these methods cannot achieve machine-level credit.

3. Sharding: divide the blockchain into several independent pieces to operate in parallel, and the whole processing speed is the sum of the pieces. In order to solve the problem of dual spend, the assets of different slices cannot be transferred to the same target at one time. A smart contract can only be in one piece. All the different pieces of the smart contract cannot be communicated. That is to say, the assets in the smart contract cannot be converted, which is equivalent to breaking down the main chain.

Fourth, the second level treatment, this kind of examples are also many, described as follows:

4.1 side chain mode. Transfer the asset to the side chain first, and then the result to the main chain. Side chains are also miners, which is a disguised main chain. Side chain is usually private chain, the disadvantages of private chain are.

4.2 chain down mode. This is the dominant way of secondary processing. Lightning network and lightning network. First of all, the currency to be paid should be locked in a channel, which can only be paid one by one. In order to solve the restriction, the HUB payment method should be used, but the HUB must be online at any time and the reserve must be sufficient.

Plasma is a white paper published by Vitalik on August 15, 2017. It says that participants use electronic signatures to exchange evidence of payment tokens under the chain, which is regularly packed up by the operator. The tokens to be exchanged must first be deposited in the Plasma contract, and the withdrawal from the contract shall be applied first. If there are double charges, other participants will present evidence to cancel the withdrawal. The problem of Plasma is mainly that it may not be able to timely release the gold, and it may be that the problematic smart contract cannot be handled, leading to the collective escape.

Plasma Cash. Due to the above problems in Plasma, Vitalik launched an improved version of PlasmaCash in March 2018. The new issue is limiting the face value of the tokens to be exchanged and the ability to cut and merge. At the same time, the receiver accepts the sender’s history, causing evidence to continue to swell. The same problem of not being able to pay in time remains.

The detonation head also belongs to the second-order chain processing, but there is no such problem. The deposit can be provided in the security unit immediately, tokens can be cut arbitrarily, cryptographic evidence size fixed. The headshot audit and acceleration function is the only feasible technical solution in the world. They will make progress, but in terms of industrial applications, the solution is hard to use as a plug-in.

In addition, blockchain has a ridiculous concept that requires open source. I won’t use your knife unless you tell me what to do with it. Security software is not open source. Don’t you use it? Aren’t you afraid he’ll steal from you? What are you protecting? If the goal is conflict-free, don’t open source. I’m in favor of the heads-up part of the open source strategy, and apple’s completely unopen-source that’s great, but if it doesn’t, android’s strategy is more intriguing.

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