TideiSun CEO Robin Xie: Social Banking will be the New Norm

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While Facebook is still brooding on “Libra” which is a concept only existing on a white paper, iSunOne already realized the “where crypto banking meets social life” platform, as the product is downloadable at App Store and Google Play since 2019.

What is iSunOne? “If UBS and Telegram have a baby, it is iSunOne.”, described by TideiSun CEO Ms. Robin Xie, “Social Banking will be the new norm. If you look at how people spend much time on photo and video chatting, praising and gifting each other for deeper interaction, and how this interaction would help each individual make more interesting and profound financial decisions, the sweet spot is: iSunOne — the dawn of social banking”. All those interactions, with the flow of information and money seamless in a decentralized blockchain network, ensures accountability, immutability and transparency.

However, in this world where data monopoly deprives autonomy, people’s privacy is spied on and compromised unconsciously everyday by governments and tech giants. The breach of privacy is so rampant in people’s daily life that it becomes the norm, and true privacy is more valued than diamond.

iSunOne is born out of the simple desire for fundamental human right: Privacy.

Hence, iSunOne is created to satisfy this increasing demand of privacy for individuals to enjoy the privacy without sacrificing convenience. iSunOne combines private chatting and wealth management platform on blockchain, providing ultimate privacy solution in social networking, instant payment, and asset management. “The best part is that we integrate layers of solutions into one package, simple, seamless and secure”, quoting TideiSun CTO Mr. Jun Ma.

As of now, iSunOne focuses on private digital asset management in the form of stable tokens and cryptocurrencies, as the former is equivalent to digital fiat money, and the latter is Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins. The current co-branding allows iSunOne users to directly spend all above-mentioned digital assets in more than 40 million stores wherever MasterCard is accepted. The instant loan function enables users to take an immediate digital asset-backed loan without credit history check. “The loan process takes less than 10 minutes to complete, and usually users obtain instant loan approval within seconds,” quoting Technical Director Mr. Thompson Shi.

Since its launch, iSunOne has reached a couple of important milestones, with over one million users and total asset under management around 5000 BTC. “We foresee a very strong user and asset growth in this volatile environment where people spot many unique opportunities”, predicted by Head of Growth Ms. Kary Yang.

To offer more varieties of services for our valuable clients, iSunOne is partnering with smart token ATM and numbers of digital banks to create a new universal service system. The architect and framework render iSunOne ecosystem easily expandable and adaptable, and with optional API, iSunOne connects easily to e-commerce and gaming application. “The liquidity of life and business is forever changing, whatever is the norm today may be disrupted tomorrow”, poetically stated by TideiSun founder Mr. Chen Ping , “yet here at iSunOne, we always strive to lead the trend and be the disrupter”.

The most recent progress is that iSunOne, looking beyond being a crypto bank, is obtaining the digital banking license in Europe through Dragon Services. “We are realizing better banking on blockchain through strategic partnership and acquisition, creating a new peer to peer financial service system fuelled by cryptocurrency and stable tokens”, quoting TideiSun COO, Terence Tsang.

“What is the true shape of money? iSunOne projects the true shape of future money, as we realize the peer to peer seamless flow of information and money simultaneously”, quoting TideiSun CEO, Ms. Robin Xie. Money is not just a pile of cash as human beings are advancing through cashless society to a higher level, as the marriage of information and money in the form of blockchain and token shed new light on underprivileged population. Users can easily open a banking account in iSunOne within minutes, send stream of information and token flow with several clicks, and enjoy the privilege of private social chatting while getting paid in bitcoins and stable tokens instantly.

The formation of the financial services chain and acquisition of the banking license greatly improves iSunOne’s service efficiency, increases the variety of services, and reduces operational costs. At present, iSunOne’s main functions are wealth management of digital currency and private communication built on blockchain. In the future, iSunOne will use private communication services to promote the financial and social ecosystem and provide more categories of asset management services, breaking the boundary between traditional assets and digital assets.

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